Unbelievable life story of Brendon Grimshaw | Moyenne Island

All human beings have a dream to be exceptional from others by doing the great things in this world. They want to be remembered after their death too.  But all peoples are not consistent, hard working and perseverance towards their work. So only some people can do a great thing from the other common human beings.

There is one person in London who is different from common people. His name is Brendon Grimshaw. He works as an Editor in the London newspaper. Like other human beings he too has a dream of a good career and a good lifestyle. He can go to a very high level from his work. But there is a different dream than only working in a newspaper in London. At one party, one boy asked him, if he will be left in the unknown Island alone with them, what he will do. In this question, Brendon replied as he wanted to live alone at that Island.

After returning from the party, the question that was asked by a little boy was roaming inside his head. He is not a young boy now because is 40 years old and has not married yet. Neither does he have his own home, family and spouse. So, he heads towards new life from this common world. He also tried to share his ideas among his colleagues but his colleagues laughed at him saying him as a mad boy.


His dream was to have his own Island where he could live alone. But he doesn’t have enough money for that. After then all the money that he had collected during his entire life from his work was invested in the Moyenne Island by his own will. The island was not too big. It costs around $13,000 to buy that Island. He reached that island by leaving his past life. But he saw that the island was too dirty and dusky. He spent many years cleaning the island. After some years he came to know that there was another Island near his island.


 On that island one man named Rene lafortune lived alone. They became friends to make the island beautiful. They bring food from the sea and give protection to the animals that come into their island. More than 10 decades, Brendon and Rene lived together and protected the island together. They planted about 6000 trees. New birds started to come to their island. In 10 years, varieties of birds started to live there.


When the Internet came, then their works went viral on the internet and they came into limelight in one night. He had spent 40 years on that island. His biography started to be published as a novel named A grain of sand- The story of one man and an island. But when his friend Rene died he again became alone on his island. In 2010 the prince of Saudi Arabia asked him to sell the island at $ 50 million so that he could make a resort on that island.


But Brendon refused the proposal, because he didn’t want to make the vacation point of that island. As he had given his 60 years of life on that island. He also said that he wants this island as a national park after his death so that everyone can visit it free of cost. With the development of electricity, the Government provided the facility of electricity and telephone in that island. Brendon died in 2012 and according to his wish, that island was declared as a national park.


Many people came to this island to visit the beautiful scenery of this island. They called this island a piece of heaven because it is a really amazing place to visit. 

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  1. seychelles islander

    This article is riddled with errors. Brendon is dead. Rene did not live on the island before him. Brendon did not come from London, and he worked mostly in East Africa.

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