Untouched love and affection towards those with Autism, the real hero of the struggle

Shraddha, who has entered Nepali movies from Pusp Khadka and Krishna Leela, who gained fame from Nepali movies and music videos, has said that she will do a good job and will act according to what the audience wants. Some people are born with autism, while others gradually develop autism. Jamaaj looks at such people in a different way, due to which their life is moving forward with more pain and suffering, this character is also shown in the movie Krishna Leela, which is said to give a positive message to the society.

In the Nepali movie, two lovers are presented as a couple, but the movie shows that they fight over love and marriage. Shraddha and Pusp, who are constantly struggling in the Nepali film industry, have openly discussed their lives. The production team is constantly preparing for the movie Krishna Leela, which is going to be screened on August 3. Shraddha did not say that she had come to Pasupati on a fast in the month of July, she said that since people come to see Pasupati on a fast in the month of July, they have arranged water for them.

While the shooting of Comedy Hub was going on, the closeness of Pusp Khadka and Shraddha was seen, they had a lot of fun with the team of Comedy Hub. After the shooting of Comedy Hub was over, Raja Rajendra Pokharel, Pusp, Shraddha, Deepak Oli, Rabendra Jha came to Majja’s TV and had fun. Pusp and Shraddha have said that since they have a good relationship, she is her boyfriend in the movie, even though she doesn’t know what will happen in the future. The film “Krishna Leela” starring Kalakar, Pusp Khadka, Shraddha, who has emerged in Nepali cinema through music videos, is going to hit the theaters soon.

Even though the song “Ae Mero Hazur” of the movie “Krishna Leela” is public, many viewers have responded well after seeing the song, he said that he is sure that the movie will win the hearts of the audience. Krishna Leela who falls in love falls in love. , in which it is found that Leela has a soulless love, when two people fall in love at an immature age, what effect does it have on society and people, this movie shows how people fall in love.

Ratna has said that since his business is film, he has made a very good film from a commercial point of view, as he is an actor with the name Pusp and has worked in many projects, he has said that he has acted better than he expected. He said that the way to do well is to play his role better than he thought by working hard. Ratna said that while the actors are coming in the film industry one after the other, the actors required by the story have been included in this movie.

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