Upgrade your immune power

In today’s video, mothers are advised to take measures during the second wave of corona. The second wave of corona is running and there is no cure for corona. We all know that vaccination is the number one way to get cured or  we have to increase our immunity. Not everyone gets the vaccine right away, so in this epidemic, we have to protect ourselves at this time naturally by increasing our immunity.

Taking these measures in our daily life can increase our immunity for which number one is to drink 2 glasses of warm water as soon as we wake up in the morning but now in case of corona drinking it all day long it increases  immunity, number two is to drink our regular tea with you can add black pepper, cinnamon and a little ginger to the tea and drink it in hot tea or water. You can also put turmeric in it, turmeric works as an antiseptic. Increases capacity / Immune system with our corona Corona in case of corona bahi juices are likely to penetrate the article. Add a teaspoon of salt, mint and jojoba and steam to open the throat. If we take this protection on a daily basis, we will not have nasal problems in our valley and if anyone is suffering from cough, it can be taken as an ayurvedic treatment for cough. It can be taken as a home remedy but jethi madhu has low blood pressure. If there is pressure, yesbank windvane ko powder is mixed with jethi majdoor and bah to make a big medicine.

 Similarly, water therapy can be done in our daily life. Water therapy is the process of passing warm water from one nostril to the other, this process is called water therapy. This process can be done in the morning and at night that will clean the nose and help to get better sleep. In the public interest, the WHO has issued a notice urging people to consume 400 grams of fruits daily, as fruits are essential for daily intake of vitamins  and minerals. Vitamin C  found more in sour fruits like lemons and oranges helps to boost the immune. Similarly, red capsicum also contains the highest amount of vitamin C, if  we can consume red capsicum in our daily meal as salad then it will helps a lot in increase of immunity. According to Ayurveda practitioners, fruits are one of the most important foods in our daily diet. It is recommended to consume as many as four fruits daily. In the current Corona situation, reducing the amount of rice or bread in our daily diet and using more fruits and vegetables instead can increase our immunity. Similarly, green leaves is found to be one of the most nutritious foods in the world and greens are rich in iron. This is the time when we have to modify our feeding habits during corona so we need to change the current situation by modifying the food. Doctors also request that our daily diet should be the most digestible food during this epidemic. Fruits are the most easily digestible food in the name of fast digesting foods. Fruits can be digested within three hours,  therefore, in order to increase immunity, the amount of protein should be increased along with vitamin C. For this, the main sources of protein are fish-meat, milk. Eating sprouted food is considered to be very good as sprouts are very high in protein. Spices have been used in our food for a long time and  increases capacity and ability to fight corona disease.

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