Upper Mustang..The city of mud inside the wall, Little Tibetan..Lomanthang passing through China Kerala

Jomsom is a beautiful place to visit once you have a lot of potential in terms of tourism.  People get to enjoy a new place and enjoy life. People travel to new places and enjoy new scenic views with the people there.  They are delighted.

Sangmochang village at an altitude of 3800 meters from Jomsom where unique views can be enjoyed.  Even though the journey is long, the new view of the new place makes the journey to stay for fun while traveling. The fun between the friends is very entertaining.Traveling to Lamangthang from Kagbeni on the left is a fun place to be. As you walk along the road talking to different people, you feel like you are having fun. It is fun to see new places.  Uses are lost. People have a lot of fun in the place where they have their own costume culture.The Tibetan-speaking village is inhabited by Gurungs. It is customary to worship in caves and monasteries. One of them is the chief.  Newness with new places in life gives people a kind of big soul faith newness. It makes it easier for people to get out of various kinds of pain and suffering in their life. There is a kind of peace in life.

After a 6:30 hour journey from Jomsom, you reach Lomathang. The former king used to live there. His manners are different. There is Kheku at the beginning of the palace. Kheku is understood to be the entrance to Durbar Chowk.  It is said that there are houses made of mud wood and stone in this strange looking village. There are about 200 old houses built within a single wall in this village which seems strange to the new man in life.  The village is known as the city of clay in the world. The captivating scenery of Ogate, the 10th and third place in the world, is of great importance.  Korla is the gateway.

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