Urgen Dong – Mutu Upahar -Chokho maya Ft Bijay Dong/Prisma & Princy

In the last generation, a new song “Mutu Uphaar” in the voice of Urgen Dong, a popular singer, has been released, which has received good love and inspiration from the audience in a short time. This song has an important role of artists from the field of Nepali art, who have left a special mark on the hearts of the audience. The song has lyrics by Laxman Rai and music by Urgen himself. The words of Tamang language are written by Urgen himself, Melina Rai supports Urgen in the song.

Directed by Vikas Prasai, the video features Prisma/Princi Khatiwada. Along with Urgen, Laxman Rai is seen as a couple in the video. The video shot by Jitu Tamang has been edited by Supreme Parajuli. Sajjan Raj has shown in Yash Gita that people get close to others unwillingly, even if they do not want to, even if they agree to any of their conditions, they have to put them on top of their heads.

The song has shown why people fall in love, which has never cost them. I don’t know what kind of person I like, he comes to help me when I’m in pain, but he’s hurt me a lot, he’s shown me feelings that I can’t understand. She has said that she is gaining popularity in the field of Nepali Kalakarita through Tik Tok, along with Kalakar Prisma-Princi, Darsak, who are very popular in the field of music videos, and Sapot is taking her steps on the path of progress day by day.

She said that after suffering and struggling in life, she has stepped into the blackness field, and she is very happy when the audience likes her talent. After the two sisters started making Tiktok, she said that because the audience appreciated it, it motivated her and continued to work. Amar-Amrit has said that prisma-princy seems like a good person from the beginning, and they have a good friendship in the three years they have been together. The video that the four of them made together is now more popular, but the four of us said that we do not make decisions together.

After they got into a disagreement during a song interview, she was not able to answer the question because the journalists came to ask them personal questions. The four-piece duo, which is also popular on Tiktok, has already played a music video. These couples who are in everyone’s heart say that they are getting good and bad reactions from time to time. Princi and Prizma can’t handle their feelings because of the pain of their love, the couple who are in love says that when the person they thought of, the qualities they thought were zero, their hearts hurt. People say that when they fall in love, the abuse of the person they love becomes a song, but if there is a small disagreement in that couple, then again there will be a big difference in that couple.

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