US with son: Himani Shah takes Hridayendra at Boston Massachusetts USA for further studie

Former King Gyanendra disobeyed Himani Sah and went to America with her son. Hridayendra is now studying in Boston Massachusetts, USA.  She arrived in the United States with a family member to enroll in a university. An online source wrote that she was taken to the United States against her father’s wishes.  Since it is possible to study from home in the world, saying that there is no need to go to America, it has come to light that Gyanendra went to America against his will.

Without the consent of the former king, it has been reported that he went to the United States via Bangkok.  He is planning to return home from New York via Boston, USA. He is planning to return home.  Himani, who is also involved in social service from time to time, has been doing various works. Her positive deeds have been moving her steps forward.

She is also involved in social service. She has been doing social service from Himani Trust. To be involved in social service after coming to Nepal, Himanika works are the choice of many people. She has also been serving the poor and miserable people.  Himani has been involved in various social activities, thinking that the problems in the lives of the people should also be solved. When her daughters were taken to Thailand to study, they raised many questions. Purnima’s Gajusen program  Although all members of the royal family were present, her father, Paras Sah, was not allowed to attend. Paras Sah has been living apart since some time ago.

Paras Sah, who did not attend his daughter’s graduation, had a video of his son’s graduation on social media.  Paras Sah was Yubaraj. He was born in Narayanihiti palace. He lived in the palace till he was 6 years old.  As it was not, it was even decided to hand over to Hridayendra.

The decision to make Hridayendra the Baby King was not accepted by the Maoists. A year later, it was decided to end the monarchy and bring a democratic republic. The monarchy was abolished in 2008, after which Paras Sah went to Singapore.  Later, Himani also went to Singapore with her children. Shortly after that, Himani returned to Nepal, while Paras stayed in Singapore.  To have gone to America with members.

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