Usha gave a bold argument about controversy and trolls

Usha Upreti, a well-known model of the Nepali Kalakarita sector, has been making headlines in Nepali music videos. Usha, who is currently campaigning for the election on Tiktok, is changing with the times and her life is ahead. She said that even though the good work done by her sometimes causes a lot of pain in the beginning, she feels a lot of pain in her heart, but now she doesn’t feel so bad because her mentality has changed because of the change in society.

Usha Upreti is a famous singer for viewers who love Nepali song music, and her music videos played by her are liked by many viewers. A person learns many things in his life from society, which shows him a new way. In human life, not everything is what you want, some things are different. Usha, who made her journey through Nepali music videos, has appeared in music videos with current actors. Usha, who is good at acting, has now become the choice of many.

Many videos of the USA, who is continuing her journey by learning various things in life, have become popular. In the initial stage, she continued her journey after suffering a lot. Usha, who wanted to do well in music videos, is now doing well in music videos. While launching the song “Ansh Malai Deu” starring Usha Upreti and Geeta Dhungana, who is struggling in the field of Nepali music, he is shown in this song giving a message to his children that they should behave equally.

Usha, who is living a single life, said that she is currently learning acting and preparing for movies. She said that her biggest fear in life is that she will lose her mother. The music video, which was created by showing the discrimination between children in society, has been liked by the audience in a short time. In this song, the daughter should get married and go to a foreign home and leave part of her parents, and the different view of society towards the daughter is shown in this song. In this song, the topic of people coming to ask for her hand in marriage when her daughter reaches 18 years old is shown.

She said that she brought the music video to the market to convey the message that daughters should be considered equal to sons in Nepali society, which still considers sons to be the greatest. The music video of singer Kamala Thapa’s new song ‘Ansh Magn Deu’ has been released. On Monday, the video of the song became public on the OSR Digital YouTube channel. Singer Kamala Thapa has a melodious voice in the song with lyrics, music, and arrangement by Babul Giri. It is recognized in the song that it is okay for the son to do whatever he does, but society should be reformed if the daughter is left out.

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