Usha got emotional after not getting paid

After the lockdown, the conversation started to get a bit loose, one song after another started appearing in the Nepali music market, which is exposing the Nepali music market.  Puspa Khadka, Usha Upreti and Sudhir Shrestha are the three actors who have played an important role in the song “Mana Bigartyo Stri Jaat Le”. The song is directed by Michael Chan.  “Because of this song, Rusky’s drunkenness will ruin people, so everyone in society has to live together,” he said.

When you are not in the company of a good person in any field, it is difficult to get a reward for what you have done.  People will do their work to reduce fatigue and sometimes even for fun.  In the song, Puspa and Sudhir Usha are seen staring at each other after getting drunk. They have expressed the real events of Nepali society through the song.  The song depicts the current state of affairs in the society and makes it entertaining.

This song has highlighted the need for people to pay attention to various things while drinking alcohol, which has also tried to give a positive message in the Nepali music market.  He said that after drinking alcohol, a person gives a different kind of energy to his body, so he can do whatever he wants after drinking alcohol.  He said that the song conveys the message that people can do so much wrong after drinking alcohol in the society rather than promoting alcohol.

Usha said that not all people do wrong after drinking alcohol, and that some people do good deeds, she said that most people do good deeds after drinking alcohol.  Although Usha doesn’t go to many parties, she says that when she goes to a party, some people say bad things and deliberately stumble.  “There are still a lot of people in the society who, after drinking alcohol, show excuses for doing more than just saying good things and doing bad things,” he said.  Puspa has said that the song has always covered a good story.

While the field of Nepali industry is heating up, the field of music is also increasing, said Sudhir.  Although Usha likes to play movies, she says that she is gradually getting ahead in her work.  Sudhir said that even though he got an offer from the film industry, he did not get any offer to work in the film.  He said that Puspa, who is popular in Nepali music videos, has made himself happy with his profession and that he has not been demoted

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