Usha touched Priyanka’s feet and burst into tears

Model Usha Upreti has said that she is very happy to work with actress Priyanka Karki, who has created a distinct identity in the field of Nepali movies and music videos.  Being a fan of Priyanka since childhood, Usha said that although she wondered when she would meet her, she felt lucky to be working together today.  When Usha Upreti touched her idol Priyanka Karki’s feet and made tears fill her eyes, Priyanka hugged her.

He said that he was very happy to perform in front of Priyanka’s song and that it will give a different kind of joy in life.  Generally, people start their life playing with the bittersweet balls of life, it determines their destiny in advance.  Usha, who has been leading a different kind of life from a young age, has said that today when she meets her idol, her happiness is different.


Actress Jharna Thapa along with her daughter Suhana Thapa has also been honored in the third edition of the Navdurga Samman program organized by two Nepali film actors Regina Upreti and Bimala KC.  Suhana Thapa was also included in the list of 9 women who did excellent work throughout the year.  Suhana, who has been struggling in the film industry for some time, was also in an excellent position in their studies.  Now, mother and daughter have also been honored in Nepal.

9 old and new actors of the film industry were honored in the program, Pooja Sarma and mother-to-be actress Swaita Khadka were especially seen in the program.  The third edition was concluded in a program on October 10th, and all the heroines expressed their happiness while being honored.  Pooja Sarm was busy with her work without talking to Medea.  Film Development Board Chairman Bhuvan KC clarified his statement that he will work for the entire sector without working for any individual film.  Pooja Sarma, who says what comes to her mind, is an actress who has come forward from zero point in the Nepali film industry.

Entering the field of Nepali blackness from a young age, she has continuously advanced her field of acting.  Actress Pooja Sarma, who has received many awards, has said that she is constantly struggling to keep her art in the audience.  She said that no matter how people react, she will continue to work for her fans.  Actresses Swaita Khadka, Priyanka Karki, and Richa Sarma, who have made their own identity in the Nepali film industry, have come to News Parivar and talked about their happy thoughts, and contemporary issues including the field of artistry.

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