Vianet- young nepali hacker Narapichas

There are reports of data leaks in Nepal at different times. Evidence that Nepalis are proficient in
data theft or technology can be found here. A hacker who has a lot of data in Nepal for some
time is known as Narpichas in Tutor. Some time ago, the personal details of one lakh 70
thousand users of Vionet were made public under this name. We are going to talk to the same
person today.

Narcissus has been hiding his face for his privacy. That is, he has been hiding himself from
others. Especially in the case of the users of Vionet, which he made public some time ago, now
that there is a lawsuit going on, he has been going into hiding to protect himself. Since his
friends and the police have found out that he leaked the data himself, he does not think that
others should know about it. That is why he wants to hide his identity.

Surprisingly, he is neither an IT student nor has studied computer science. However, he is
connected to a lot of data in Nepal. He is a 16-year-old student who is currently studying Plus
Two. Who are studying management. He didn’t find anything while leaking this data. On the
contrary, they lost a lot of things. He says he learned a lot from this incident and at the same time
felt bad. He also thinks that others should not make the same mistake as him. Due to this, he was
also a victim of mental problems. He also shared his experience when the police came to his
house to arrest him after leaking the data. He says he can lie to everyone if he wants to.
However, he acknowledged that his confession had been obtained through torture.

In fact, he says that the reason for hacking the data of Vionet is due to the behavior of the
developers of Vionet. He was arrested about nine months after he hacked the data. He said that
he did this to challenge the developer as he was abusing the developer’s complaint instead of
resolving it. He said that even though he complained to Vionet from time to time, he did not
respond and thought of challenging him. He has no remorse for what he has done. He says
developers should be more remorseful than he is.

He says that even if he works as a hacker in the coming days, he will not do it without his
benefit. But he says he will not do anything to affect others.
Since he has been playing computer games since he was a child, he says that he has studied
computer and learned to hack from it. According to him, hacking is an art. In his eyes, hacking is
a knife that can cut vegetables and even the throat, he said. But he said

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