Video message of the former king after covid infection and recovery

Former King Gyanendra Shah and former Queen Komal have gone public for the first time in a video on social network Facebook. After returning home from the hospital infected, Purvaraja has made Purvarani Komal live on Facebook.

They released a video message on social media on Thursday. He returned home after a long period of treatment at Norvik Hospital and released a video message on social media. He expressed his gratitude to those who are concerned about his health from home and abroad.

He thanked the health workers, security personnel, cleaners and other social workers who have been at the forefront of the epidemic. Former King Gyanendra has said that he is grateful to those who risked their lives in the epidemic. He has released a video message through his daughter’s Facebook page.

Although both of them are now in full recovery, they have expressed concern over the state of the epidemic inside and outside the country. The former king also thanked for his help as he needed his determination and outside help to control it. He also urged the former king to be safe and careful. Wishing speedy recovery to those undergoing treatment, he wished lasting peace to those who passed away.

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