Vijay Lama and his 94-year-old father

Captain Vijay Lama is not only a captain but also a successful artist. Not only this, he is also a
true social worker. With the spread of corona infection in Nepal, whether it is to rescue Nepalis
from different countries through charter flights or to take aid materials for Nepal. They are
constantly risking their lives. With the second outbreak of corona infection in Nepal, the pressure
of patients in hospitals has increased. Similarly, there is a lack of oxygen for the sick. In this
case, Vijay Lama has run a free ambulance service.

In collaboration with Om Samaj Dental, Vijay Lama and his team have been providing free
ambulance services, oxygen suppliers, distribution of health items and rations to the needy.
According to Lama, a team of 10 people has been operating ambulance services. Vijay Lama’s
94-year-old father has been patronizing and encouraging the team, he said.
Lama’s father, who was engaged in charity work even at the age of 94, is now in hospital. He
was hospitalized with a corona infection. He has even advised everyone to stay away from
Corona. He urges to stay indoors, to be safe, to be safe. They have urged not to sleep much, to
exercise, not to walk around.

Lama’s father is also an English teacher. He has also written a book to learn English. Even now,
he is able to walk very vigorously. He stopped playing golf as soon as the corona virus spread. If
not, Vijay Lama says he plays golf on a daily basis. According to Lama, most of the time he was
beaten by his father. Lama says that he is very close to his mother but his father is strict and he is
very afraid of him.

Vijay Lama’s involvement in the film industry is also due to his own father. After his father
made the film 40 years ago, Vijay Lama entered the film industry as a hero. The Film Directors’
Society has also honored Lama’s father Hem Bahadur Lama with the Lifetime Achievement
Award. He received this honor for his contribution to the Nepali film industry.
Even at the age of 94, he is actively running his daily routine. According to Lama, his parents
never forced him to do this. Lama says that he got so many achievements today because he was
free to do whatever he wanted. Lama himself has taken care of his father. Lama says that this great achievement for him as his father is healthy even at the age of 94.

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