viral Preeti Rimal recorded the song with Shishir Bhandari. Shishir paid so much

After going viral on social media, Preeti Rimal was given the opportunity to sing the song by Rajesh Aryal, who lives in the US, and she is going to do the second song with Shishir Bhandari. She has recorded the fifth song “Dhading Nuwakot” in the words of famous communication worker, singer, Shishir Bhandari and in the voice of Preeti Rimal. He said that his second song, Naya naya news nepal will be coming to market from youtube channel soon. She said that love and love of the country and abroad are included in the song which is included in all parts of Nepal. She says that she likes to play in this song, and that she gets a lot of reward for working in this song.

After coming to Kathmandu, all the people supported her, Preeti said that she was very happy. Rich Preeti Rimal’s dream of becoming a singer is about to come true. The song is based on the family story of Prati, with music and arranger Tank Budhathoki. A new song is coming to the market after recording the song from the studio of Tank Budhathoki, located at Putali Road, Kathmandu.

After Rajesh, who has been living in the US, liked the sound of the copy, he said that the song will be recorded soon with the special help of Tank Budhathoki and Bhojraj Thapa. Prati and her mother hugged each other and cried, saying that they had tears of joy in their eyes. According to her mother, she studied up to 12, then her uncle and her self-employed. Preeti Rimal, who was born in Bhachuwa village in Ward No. 6 of Tarkeswar Govt.

She says that the Rimal family, which used to reconcile with her mother, was swept away by the earthquake. She said that she used to tie goats in the house after the house collapsed. Growing up in a family of 5 with 3 brothers, mother and herself, Preeti Surilo has a sweet voice and is rich. Although Baba took leave from his mother 10-11 years ago, he has been working in a cooperative and studying in Kathmandu, she said. She said that even though she has enough land at home for two or three months, she has been living in harmony for other times.

Rimal, who has been working since she was in school, says that she has been teaching for two years. After the father left with the mother, the mother and daughter were singing songs to alleviate their grief while the fair was going on to save their lives. Even though her father left her in life, her mother brought her up by struggling with various things. Even though her father doesn’t know anything about it, she is struggling with today’s misery and struggling to make her life better. Even though man has amazing abilities, without finding the right kind of place to live, he spends his life suffering with the mountains, rivers and streams of Nepal. Due to which there is a feeling of newness in his life.

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