Viral tailorwali Nisa’s beautiful shooting of this song, number 1 in dance.

As Haritalika Tij, the great month of Nepali women, is approaching, artists are bringing songs to the market day by day. Nisha Ranpal, who went viral with a live double song, has also performed a routine in the song she sang. She said that after Chhatij Adhikari asked her to release this song, she brought this song to the market without asking her sister-in-law. He has said that he does daily like Nisa Geet and works according to the wishes of the audience.

While approaching Tij’s palace, the artists used to sing and give messages about what is happening in a society. On Tij, married women fast for a good husband and unmarried women fast for a good husband. Nisa Ranpal has said that she has sung 9-10 songs. The performance of “Inepal Khabar”, which is working round the clock for the protection and promotion of Nepali folk songs, went viral from the live duhori which was broadcasted on various radio and YouTube channels of Nepal.

Although many people take steps in the field of music with a lot of dreams, few people think that it will happen to them. They are not finished. At the end, the famous singer Sital Gurung and Nisa Ranpal have played a repetition of the song “Chitij Pari Uhe Basti Ma” which was liked by the audience. The two have a sweet repartee about their love and current situation, which has been loved by the audience in a short span of time.

People who are in love are eager to meet each other and to open the love things that are blocked in their hearts. Love is tormenting you day and night, the girlfriend who is tormenting you is telling you when to come back and erase the pain in your heart. Nisa Ranpal, who is known as Viral Tailorwali, is currently very much in the limelight, and her piece from the performance of Nepal Rodhighar is now sitting in the hearts of the audience. After missing some time in the middle, Nisa, again, the song Tiktok of the couplet sung in the special performance of A Nepal Rodhighar, after being liked by many viewers on social networks, she has come into the limelight.

She said that after some time she lost her mobile phone and when she went home, she did not look towards Geet Sangeet and later she came to this area. Lately, Kalakar Nisa, who has been doing songs, live repetitions and stage shows, has been singing repetitions in interviews. Kalakar Nisa, who has become known to many viewers through Nepali songs, is singing repetitions about love between friends and entertaining. He has sung twice. He said that he got to learn a lot from the senior Kalakar there. Nisa, who was born in Palpa, came to Kathmandu to sing songs, but due to various reasons, she had to return to her village for some time and now she has come back to Kathmandu. Nisa said that even though she came to Kathmandu thinking that she would become Kalakar, she was heartbroken when her dreams were not fulfilled, but now she is happy that the audience likes her.

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