Visit to Kalpana Dahal’s house, Dohori Champion

Kalpana Dahal has gone viral after participating in the doubles championship. Her touching song along with her sweet voice has touched everyone’s heart. That’s why she went viral on social media. The economic condition of Sindhupalchowk is critical. No one on social media thought that her condition was so critical. But after reaching his house, his condition was finally found out. Kalpana is living in a small house in the village, taking care of her sick mother. She has not even been able to go to Kathmandu to take medicine for her mother who is suffering from depression, pressure and sugar.

According to her father, after Kalpana won the doubles championship, her eyes were turned to her village. The people of the village are happy to hear that their daughter will become a big man. Her father said that he was satisfied and proud of his daughter’s progress. He said that when he went to Kathmandu, Kalpana took him to the place where he sang songs and even to Indrani.

Although both parents were in pain, the mother went into depression, but the father said that he controlled himself. She said her parents lost their grandchildren in the quake and lost their two sons. Kalpana and her brother had moved forward to build a house for the homeless family after the earthquake destroyed their house. But her brother has also left this world. His father says that his son died before the house could be built. Now he says he will spend the rest of his life in this half-finished house. After Kalpana’s brother left the world, she too has stopped trying to build a house. They started building a house together with their brothers and sisters. But Kalpana, deeply saddened by her brother’s death, says she no longer wants to build a house. But with the passage of time, everything is getting easier and he is thinking of building the rest of the house. She says that the inconvenience is due to the small size of the house.

While living in Kathmandu, his brother used to wish Kalpana every birthday. But after his brother passed away last year, his birthday has been canceled. This year, she is celebrating her birthday at home, even though it is to entertain her parents. Though she wanted to celebrate her birthday with her parents, she could not stay with her mother because of health problems.

Kalpana and Kalpana’s father are preparing to provide financial assistance to some families whose financial situation is critical due to the corona virus. The financial assistance and food assistance have been provided by various donors.

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