Voice that shocked everyone

Rana Magar is a very talented new singer from Palpa. She is currently studying in Kathmandu with a very melodious and rich composition.

Talking to Shishir Bhandari naya naya News Nepal, Rachna said that her goal is to become a great singer of Nepal. Really the voice of the composition is very sweet, she has received hundreds of good comments. Rachna’ mother and father, who are big fans of Rachna Rimal, work in the canteen of a school in the village.

Rachna, who has seen her parents suffer since childhood, has dreamed of becoming a great singer and building a small house for her parents. Singing in Rachna photo film, Rachna said that she has won the first place in the district level singing competition held in Palpa.

When asked why she didn’t go to Voice of Nepal, Rachna said that she missed it this time. Really, if this voice had gone to the Voice of Nepal, would it have succeeded in bringing back all four coaches? Watch the video

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  1. Dorpu Gohale

    Please try to support a real singer – This girl Rachana Thapa is going to be an excellent singer in future if we all support during her uplifting career. Congratulations and God Bless Her.

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