Voting is greater than hunger, leaders at home, voters at the airport

With the local elections approaching on April 12, leaders are scouring the doorsteps of the people, while voters are dreaming of keeping their children and families happy, decorating various dreams for the future, risking their lives and going abroad.  People have different goals and dreams for social change.  Leaders are now joining hands at the doorsteps of the people, loving votes more than hunger, while the people are trying their best to get visas for foreign visas.

It is not that Chagana did not have the goal of gaining employment in his country by voting for the leader.  Not only do they have to leave the country during the election, but also during the festivals, there is a huge influx of foreigners, who are making fun of the people’s life.  Although the leaders have shown various excuses to support and provide employment in their own country, the people’s life has not changed much.

The program that airs on Yoho Television HD, Time Cycle, works to expose the rampant, inconsistent, immoral, and law-abiding acts in society.  At the present time people are suffering from one human being to another human being, human time is changing accordingly, doing various wrong and right things, which the time cycle has taken special initiative to prevent.  The time cycle has taken the initiative to move people in the right direction, noting the wrong tendencies of the people.

Graphichis of this program: Ranjana Neupane, MRC: Amit Shrestha, Suman Chaudhary, Basant Saud, Studio Camerap; Purnan Subedi, Rajesh Dhakal, Camera parsan: Shirash Shrestha, Ashish Ramang, Abhista Lama, visual editor: Suman Neupane, Reporter: Bikram Shrestha, Producer  : Dhruba Rijal, Rheetu Bichur. Yash program has played an important role in reducing the number of anomalies in the society.

In terms of socio-economic politics in Nepal, there are very few days when ordinary people can play with confidence that I am free.  Ordinary people from the upper class are happy to be stuck in one thing or another. In order to live life, one human being seems to have struggled with another human being to advance his life. In Nepal, the common citizen has to struggle a lot to get justice.  The real problems in the society are solved by the time cycle.

Over time, technology and human life have undergone different changes, which has given rise to a different kind of wave in society.  In the society we are living in nowadays, various incidents are happening which are giving a negative message to the society.  Nowadays, people are falling prey to the phenomenon of cheating day to day, even losing their lives, even when they remember, their hearts are pounding, which has given a negative message to the society.

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