Wai Wai Dyanamite comedy club with champions..episode-3

The comedy TV series Wai wai Dyanamite comedy club, which is coming to the market from OSR Reality youtube channel, has been brought into operation by the famous comedian of Nepal. They are trying to give the real events happening in the Nepali society to the Nepali society through comedy. They are trying to show the reality of the society through entertainment. In today’s episode, popular folk double singer Prati Ale and lyricist and musician Kar Narayan Bhandari have been invited.

Like a television self called Andh Dhundh Swa, two people are showing the happenings in different societies, they are mocking them, two people are talking about Andh Dhundh news, trying to show the real happenings in the society, various media are common in today’s society. The situation of trying to spread immoral things by bringing things in the media is also found to be satirized. With so many different types of events happening in people, it has become a thing of the past.

Famous Nepali artists who have become a distinct identity in the hearts and minds of millions of viewers, showcasing their talents in various walks of life, introducing new, new artists who have played an important role in changing the society, showcasing their talents. . The heroes and heroines who have made a name for themselves in the field of art, not only in the field of comedy, but also in other fields, their steps seem to be equally strong.

Usha Poudel Rijal and Rabindra Kumar are the executive producers of the comedy TV series, operations director Sarbesh Rijal. Story writing creative director: shan Basnet’s comedy has been liked by many in a short time. The cast of Yash TV series includes: Umesh Rai (Phulende Ki Aama) Suman Karki, Sujan, Bkey Agarwal, Kailash Karki, Pawan Bhattarai, Mexam Gaudel.

Nepali artistry has played an important role in the transformation and transformation of society through comedy and satire. It has received good response from many viewers in the first episode itself. The current status of the artists and the work done by the journalists is shown in the Yash program, which has created a kind of distortion in the society, it is presented through comedy. Nowadays, the artist has to look for different places to ask for work, and the various dramatic scenes performed by the journalist are described.

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