Want to change fortunes? Doing so will change your destiny

If you want to change your life, first of all you have to create an environment. A few years ago, Mike Partel, a researcher, studied more than 300,000 people. What was that report about? Is happiness coming from this world? Is it created by circumstances or does happiness come from genes? He had researched these things. His research has revealed an amazing thing. Human genes also determine happiness and unhappiness. A person is happy from birth who can be calm and happy in any situation. Some people are born unhappy.

Science has also confirmed that genes make people happy. This does not mean that a person can never be happy. People are born black and white. Not only this, with the help of genes you can do great things. According to one thing, life is pre-determined or not. If such a situation, thought environment is not found, then it cannot be a gene expression. If any seed cannot be managed with soil, it cannot be converted into berns, it is confined to the seed. So some people are born unhappy and some people are born happy. Also, some are born homosexual. If a person becomes a criminal, it is determined by his genes.

But there is no need to be afraid of these things. Because a gene is like a seed. There are two conditions that guide the gene. One is mental condition and the other is external condition. If the condition is favorable then whatever is brought from the gene starts to be expressed. No, that condition is not favorable for the seed, that is, the gene, but the properties of that gene are not revealed. Research has shown that most serial killers are born in November. This does not mean that all born in November are serial killers. That requires an environment. Bruce Lipton calls it epinetics. Ep genetics is determined by the environment. Therefore, the environment also determines what happens to a person. The environment erases what the genome brings.

Therefore, we have to make the environment of home and society conducive. For example, adjusting to the environment is not a good idea. Because your genes have criminal traits and if you try to be right by living in a criminal environment accordingly, that is not possible. When the situation deteriorates, a person becomes a thief, a poor person, if a situation is found, he becomes a wise, a gentleman, a rich person, a great person. Therefore, if a person can create a favorable situation and environment, if he can create an environment with positive thinking, he can change his own destiny.

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