Ward chairperson drives a dozer in Salima, how to spend Rs 6 million on tree planting

The news that the people are suffering from the people’s representatives has been heard everywhere in the market lately.  The people have started to feel insecure through the people’s representatives and panic has arisen in the general public.  I have not been able to feel my happiness and peace.
Uttam Thapa, chairman of wada of Suryabinayak Municipality, Ward No. 4 of Bhaktapur district, has joined his people in a gang of thugs inside his house. He has not obeyed the high court.  He had already used a dozer to call for an agreement between the two sides on the 18th.  Dozers are driven.No one can be made homeless. If there is a problem, if it is not removed, the house will be demolished only after giving some information in advance by arranging food and shelter for him.  Call24 has shocked both the presenter and the producer of the program by trying to understand what the reality is by combining the two sides. Everyone can feel that his expression is awkward.  Everyone can feel big. The road in his house should be 10 meters but it is only 4 meters wide.

Some people are trying to harass the people while others are trying to loot money in the name of people and development. The Chief Minister himself came into the limelight after planting 20,000 saplings.  The division office Nabalparasi has cut a bill of Rs 6 million. The locals have claimed that only a hole was dug in the forest and the plant was dead and the plant was not planted. The locals have protested against the bill.  However, looking at the details of expenditure, such a process is not new.
The people have also started to wake up after the money started coming in by making the work smaller. In Nepal, people are being deceived in the name of the people.  There is a lot of irregularity in the title of protection of planting. There is a tendency to spend less on work under the heading of expenses.

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