Warns Baburam not to show hypocrisy, says senior advocate

In Nepal, politics is being taken as a lucrative business. It is found that people from different walks of life have different perspectives. It is difficult to face the various problems that occur in people’s lives now. It is difficult for ordinary people to live their lives. Different barriers of life are presented in different ways. Man has to face difficulties in the current situation. It is found that it is impossible for the development policy of the country to be successful.

Although many systems have changed in the country, the mantras have not changed yet. The working style of the people is the same. There is only one sheet of law that has changed. It cannot change the development. In other words, it is like sticking water in the sand. According to senior advocate Bisnu Bhattarai, some hypocrites have been deceiving the people with false assurances under the slogan of change. Those who carry the slogan of patriotism are found to be lost after their change.

Necessity is one thing, but the other is found in Nepal’s politics. Thus, the actions of human beings are very deadly. Development in Nepal is not found in any field. Water can be openly praised. He said that the speeches of Nepal’s leaders who could not address even the smallest problems of the people could be heard as loud as a mountain.

In the past, there were many systems in Nepal. These systems are not good for the country and the people. A new system was created saying that a new system would be created for the people and the nation. It is only a dream to think of such a change after the same people started disguising themselves in the system built by the fathers of the struggle. The needs of the people are on one side and the work for the development of the country is on the other side. The work that has been done has suddenly started to be criticized by the government as well.

Bhattarai says that the people have realized that the reign of the king is better than the reign of the king after the high-ranking people who are leading the country have started tearing the country to pieces on the occasion of his birthday. He called for the restoration of the monarchy and for the struggle to be carried forward. He claims that he needs a vision for this.

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