Watch Janata Janna Chahanchha- May 14

Program “ janta janna chahanchha” is a talk show presented by the journalist Rishi Dhamala. Dhamala is not only a journalist but he is also a founder of a Nepali journalist association of Reporter’s Club Nepal. He also works for several other medias in Nepal.

Todays episode of Janata Janna Chahancha brings the thought and views regarding current political situation of Nepal through Dr Rajan Bhattarai. Dr Bhattarai talks about the current political scenario of Nepal Communist Party inter clash between the top leader Kp Sharma Oli and Madhab kumar nepal and the agreement made between each other for the unification of the party.

The show “Janta Janna Chahancha” hosted by Dhamala presents all the political, social, religious, cultural, architectural and economic condition of our country Nepal. The show is hosted and presented by our active, energetic and bold character Rishi Dhamala. In his show, he brings news reporters and influential figures from Nepal into an interactive platform.

He is also the host of The RD show on the Himalayan Television. Apart from this, he also hosts the show Nepal Bani Network’s Bani Bahas. He is also the editor of his own online news portal. Talking about his biography, he was born on 12th November,1964 in Dhading district, Nepal.

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