Watch the fun conversation with Manisha Magar who went viral by making a tick tock while dancing secretly

Manihsa Magar, a disciple of Gurkha, suddenly became viral. She wanted to have fun with life. She is now living as a single mother with her 7-year-old daughter after her husband disliked her.  Many floors of the crocodile are now boys. She said that many people have commented that they have no other clothes and sometimes people have also commented badly.  She says that sometimes when she sees people making tickets, she wonders what she is doing when she sees them alone.

Manihsa, who started living alone with her husband , says that she is thinking of making her daughter a good person, even though her future is like this.  They have changed their lives overnight. Some people have wasted their time by spending their time without any meaning. Many have spent their time for others.  The world can be wanted. If you don’t use social media properly, you will end your life.

If we make our journey by understanding the world society and the current environment, we will be able to draw our future wherever we are.  There are millions of husbands using social media, while some spend their time talking nonsense and doing bad things.  It should be used only after studying how and where to use it.

Introducing her to many on Tik tok, she has taken a new turn in her life. During the lockdown, when everyone was on Tik tok, she also started making Tik tok unknowingly.  Began to know, many began to recognize, many began to give advice.
She is now loved by many as she is fat on the ticket. She has been abandoned by her husband because of her desire to have fun in her life.  There is no shortage of those who love him.

There are many admirers of the white fair-skinned crocodile with a flamboyant. He combines his body parts with the gestures of the song. His gestures are very pleasing. Nowadays, social media is being used extensively all over the world.  The Internet is used to watch people from all over the world sitting at home. Social networking is used to spend time alone, whether people are exchanging information or having fun at the same time. Depending on how people understand and use social media.  If you don’t understand social media, it will do you a disservice.

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