Watch this video before insulting or praising Bijay Sahi

Bijay Saal, who came to Bibhad by setting a world record for his birthday, has said that he should keep his chhamta as a big man, look at his chhamta and pass it from the cabinet. People who wished him on the occasion of his birthday said that he should always make progress and never leave the path of truth. In the program, which was also attended by the people of the Nepal government, Sahi also expressed some of his thoughts, even though he got into conflict two or three times, he promised to leave showing his feelings to the audience.

Some time ago, Bijay, who was famous for having the most memory in the world, after citizens of foreign countries also came and watched his talent live, his various shortcomings were discovered, the person who brought him into the limelight and he both remained silent for some time. . He said that no one should be proud of his abilities after coming to earth as a guest for two days. Although a person should have patience, he said that after understanding the pride in himself and understanding what is the life of a person, now he has started living a new life. Having the opportunity to understand and learn many things in the differences, to improve the shortcomings in himself, to go in a new way. He said that because of this, the government should check its position.

Bijay Sahi, who says the power of Kalimata in him, said that even though he has been separated for some time, he will soon prove that he is not a fool by showing his power in every place. He says that he has the ability to remember anything in a short period of time, and that he is ready to hang himself if someone proves it wrong. After a person becomes very famous, when he suddenly disappears to discover his shortcomings, many people are suspicious. Bijay Sahi of the West, who was thinking of making his name bright in the world by keeping his inner power in the world, was once very popular, but after many people showed interest in seeing his talent, he failed.

Bijay Sahi has said that since people sometimes have to climb up and sometimes to push down, in order to bring the truth to all the audience, he will give a demo in Surkhet on 26th of Chaitra and demo in Kathmandu on 26th of Baisakh. . He said that if Bijay Sahi could not show the goodness inside him to the Nepali people, then he would be punished no matter what he was given. Bijay Sahi, who used to turn the pages of the book within two minutes after taking the book in his hand, asked any question on any page of the book, after correcting his mistakes for some time, now, after looking at the book in his hand, he says that he has gained complete knowledge inside it.

Bijay Sahi, who said that he remembered the book after looking at it in a short time, now he says that he remembered the whole book when he looked at the book in his hand. Bijay Sahi has said that he has an amazing talent inside him. Sahi said that from four groups of students who came to study with him in Surkhet, his team raised money, three teams have learned and one team has yet to learn. Sahi said that 500,000 was raised from 140 people in the learned team and the unlearned team, and that money will now be returned, while those who want to learn with him will be taught for free. Since he is a devotee of God, he says that the knowledge he has acquired cannot be sold.

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