water falling again in Sundhara? The secret of meeting with the commander.

The program, which will be aired live on News 24 Nepal, will address the concerns and questions of the Nepali people. The program has been raising the issues of the people. People are found playing games in sensitive areas like education, keeping all their family members. The school is run by members of the same family, and the school has not seen any improvement in the standard of education. As there are many such schools run by the same family all over Nepal, the locals have said that it should be chosen.

She said that Nehru Raj Yadav was raped by Shiva Raj Shrestha of Dhanusa and gave birth to a child. Even though they are virgins, some people in the society who consider themselves big have been hating the poor family of the same society. The court has also found that the poor have been given injustice by selling them for money. There are different kinds of people in the society who are found to be hurting each other.

The program raises its voice in favor of giving justice to the common man by raising questions about Bethiti in their own country, from people trapped in the country and abroad. . For the first time, Rabbi Lamichhane conducted a live talk show with the people in a way that raises the voices of people from all over the country, in different situations of suffering, on the streets, in the miserable, poor, destitute, who are nowhere near prosperous.

Lamichhane, who had been living in the United States for some time, came to Nepal after conducting the longest continuous program for 72 hours. Addressing the cries of women trapped in foreign lands, she became familiar with the audience after her constant work in the rescue. When he started raising his voice against the anomalies, inconsistencies, atrocities and wrong culture in the society, the common people came closer to him.

After Rabbi Lamichhane left News 24 Nepal for a long time, Samjhana Bhujel had been running the program for some time. Raising the problems of the common people in the country and abroad, he has been advancing his journey by becoming the charioteer of people’s happiness and sorrow. Raising the cries of the people in the country and abroad, they are regularly raising the problems of the people.

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