Water of Melamchi, which is thus made drinkable by various technical methods for drinking

The water of the open river is considered to be unsafe for human consumption, but according to the technicians, the water of the river is using various new technologies, eliminating all the germs in the water, and selecting the turbid water. Have told. He said that most of the water in human life is used and that the water should be fortified, so the life of the creature is completely filtered and sent without any effect on the life of the water.

According to Engineer Permalal Bhandari, the Melamchi Drinking Water Supply has been shut down from June 3 after the residents of Kathmandu received water from Melamchi for one month and seven days. He said that when the floods come and cause damage, the water has been shut off only for the rainy season and will come into operation later. He informed that water is sent from Sindhupalchowk to Kathmandu after purification. Inaugurated from Baneshwor, the political hub of former Prime Minister Prasad Bhattarai, Melamchi Drinking Water was scheduled to arrive from 8 am to 10:30 am.

According to Sundari Jal site engineer Parmalal Bhandari, 400-500 cubic meters of water is being sent to Kathmandu every hour. On Tuesday, Minister for Drinking Water Umakanta Chaudhary diverted water from Gate No. 1 and opened Gate No. 38 on the Melamchi River Tunnel Road. Former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai had planned to bring Melamchi to Kathmandu in 2051 BS, but water reached Kathmandu in 2077 BS. People from children to the elderly should use water as little as possible. Despite the abundance of resources, in Nepal, due to the inability to manage water resources, many citizens have to bear the brunt of it.

In order to provide safe drinking water to the people in the capital, Melamchi water has been brought through tunnels, but the floods in the rainy season have destroyed the structures in the river itself. To do this, the government had planned to bring the Melamchi River in Sindhupalchowk through a tunnel to Kathmandu. The government had planned to provide water to the people. Did not have access to drinking water.

The government has been continuously working to ensure that the drinking water of Melamchi will reach Kathmandu by 2078 BS. According to a senior engineer, there is a 26-kilometer tunnel to Sundari Jal in Kathmandu and the reconstruction work of Melamchi Drinking Water will be completed within the new year. Floods and landslides in the tunnels at the Amba mine in Sindhupalchok district have caused water to be cut off, water has stopped flowing at other times, water has continued to flow at other times, and heavy rains and landslides have taken a long time to clean up. Water brought by investment, people are now celebrating that they can get water to drink.

As the floods and landslides are flooding the river, the tunnel from Melamchi River to Kathmandu is 40 meters below, the technician said, adding that it will take some time to clean it and bring water back to Kathmandu and it will cost a lot. With the onset of yam and the onset of rains again, the concern that the river will be flooded has become the subject of further research. Melamchi had reached Kathmandu after the completion of drinking water project. Consumers of Kathmandu drank Melamchi water for three months. It was not there, it was cleaned and water was brought back, the Chinese company Sino Hydro, which had worked here in the past, has been handed over again.

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