We have to be afraid of the activities of the former king

Since the last five days our past king Gyanendra Shah is in Haridwar Of Uttarakhand India. In the Kumbha festives he is doing Sahi bathing. King Gyanendra met with Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Giri and took his blessings at Dakshin Kali temple. He is showing his religious side but the thing is while looking towards the high class greeting of the Program coordinator towards the king, the things are seen differently. While looking toward the overview we cannot say that king Gyanendra is only doing the religious tour.

In Haridwar, reputed priest Mahamandaleshwar kailash Nanda Giri Showed the greeting towards the King Gyanendra by showering him with a bunch of flowers through the helicopter and during his arrival special Pujas, rites and rituals are done inside the temple. Huge respect is given to King Gyanendra on his arrival in Haridwar, India. He seemed to be the special guest of that day in that Haridwar Temple. The Slogan like “Nepal ko Raja Ko Jay ” had been chanted inside the temple by the different religious Gurus. Is this kind of nature seems friendly to the Nepalese people?  Is this behavior friendly among us? Or do all these activities carry hidden visions inside it? By looking towards all these activities of king Gyanendra a big question is raised toward him and toward his activities.

Being a reputed past king of the country, it doesn’t seem the good way of doing this kind of activities said by minister Jhalanath Khanal and it is not the right of king Gyanendra to do all these things in his own way by being such a reputed and respected figure of the country. But the minister sasankh Korila shows the positive response towards his activities, he added up by saying it’s a good way of doing unity and having the vision of making our country Nepal “The Hindu country” again from the sovereign country.

A few days before, people who are the supporter of the king Gyanendra had come on the road with the slogan of “Raja aau Desh bachao”.  Looking towards all these activities of King Gyanendra, different doubts have been raised inside the heart of Nepalese people and the leaders of the country. Whether it is only the religious tour of the Gyanendra, or does it hold a different vision inside it? Different questions have been raised inside the mind of Nepalese. But people who are in the support of past King Gyanendra are becoming happy because of this kind of religious works. King Gyanendra thanked the Acharya ji for inviting him there. In normal circumstances, usually the Kumbh continues for about 4 months but the scenarios do not remain same in this year because of the pandemic situation caused by Covid- 19.

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