Welcoming the invitation and hospitality of Nepal’s Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba Kasi

Nepal and India have a close relationship between the two countries. Hindus of both the countries come from Nepal to India and India to Nepal after visiting and visiting. The two countries have close ties, with the Prime Minister of Nepal Ser Bahadur Deuba and his wife Arju Rana Deuba visiting India to talk about the relations between Nepal and India in the Indian media.

People who believe in Dharma Karma still believe that in old age one can earn good fortune by going to Kasi. As there is a close relationship between the two countries, most of the cultures and cultures are similar, so the citizens of the two countries are moving around. In Nepal and India, not only the friendship of the neighboring country, but also the friendship of Sankar is found.

Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba and his wife Arju Rana Deuba visited the Kasi Temple in India for a long time and wished for peace and prosperity in Nepal and for the progress and prosperity of the country. “I wish you peace and prosperity,” she said. “Even though the two countries are separated by borders, the culture and civilization are very similar, so there is a civilization of intimacy between the two countries,” she said.

“There is still a belief among many Nepalis that if they lose their lives, they will go to heaven,” she said. “People still believe a lot in religious deeds, so they go to another country for text worship,” he said. He said that the citizens of the two countries used to go to religious places for religious activities in old age and offer prayers, expressing a feeling of peace in their minds.

Kasi is considered to be one of the most famous religious sites in India. Indians also come to Nepal to perform Pathpuja Dharma Karma, find peace in the mind, and after death there is a religious belief that they will live in heaven. People wish for peace in their minds by visiting Kasi. Since Nepal and India have close ties between the two countries, they are found to have close ties.

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