what happen after we die

Our spirit and body separate after we die. Our soul, that is that the core of UN agency we tend to ar, goes on even once our bodies die. Our spirit departs for the hereafter. The spirit realm may be a place wherever we tend to expect the gift of resurrection, once our souls shall be reunited with our bodies. Our future resurrected body won’t be able to die and can be perfect—free of suffering, illness, and flaws. everybody are going to be resurrected as a results of Jesus Christ Christ’s infinite love.


Each people are going to be judged in person by Jesus Christ, our Savior, at the instant of the resurrection. This judgment are going to be created on the premise of our goals, actions, and choices.


Only God and Jesus Christ have complete data of our hearts and life things, so they’re the sole ones UN agency will accurately decide United States of America. this can be a judgment of kindness, healing, and love (see Revelation 21:4).

purpose is to visualize that each one of His youngsters come to the celestial realm to measure with Him. However, it’s our choices within the gift that may verify wherever we’ll pay eternity. we tend to should settle for Son as our Savior, repent of our sins, be baptised in His name, and receive the Holy Spirit as a present. we tend to should additionally follow the commandments.

Without Son, neither the Resurrection nor our salvation would be doable. He paid the worth for our sins in order that we would be forgiven and alter after we beg for pardon and try. He likewise died and resurrected from the dead on the cross. everybody are going to be raised as a result of Jesus’ power over death, whether or not or not they believe Him. Death is not the finish as a result of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon adds to our understanding of Jesus Christ Christ’s involvement within the set up of Heavenly Father for United States of America. you’ll be able to study the truth of God’s set up if you study the Book of Mormon and pray to Him.

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