What happened inside the school in Kathmandu!

Rama Rayamajhi, a 21-year-old manager of a kmc school in Buddha Nagar, Baneshwor, has been pronounced dead. After initially working as a cook at the hostel six years ago, his sister Rabina, who became a manager six months ago, said. “Rabina killed her sister by stopping here, all the vehicles were here yesterday, now they have all been taken out and they have not been allowed inside,” she said. She said that the police did not allow her to enter the house as she was suffering from anxiety.

After the symbolic death of Rama Rayamajhi of Kavre district, his relatives said that they were not allowed to enter the administration. Rama’s housewife said that he was a very knowledgeable person and had called her here last evening. He said that his housewife was very straightforward with his sisters and that he was not in any bad habit.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Relatives said that a person who stays at the school from morning till evening should be informed about how he was killed or committed suicide. He said that the relatives who have been working for a long time should have the right to see and find out why the murder took place inside the school.

In recent times, immoral activities such as murder have been increasing day by day, which is sending a negative message to the society. People are struggling to move forward in their quest for a brighter future, but all their dreams are shattered by the eyes of a sinner. Some events happen in such a way that when you remember them, your heart burns.

Even in a place like politics, people are not feeling safe as they think, they are feeling insecure at every step, which is why many people have to kill their dreams in their minds. Man has at times been the victim of evil even from the fish he believes in, which is why he is taking his future into the dark.

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