What happened to the famous singer Bhagarathi Chaane? Sister says it was unexpected.

The sister of Bhagarath Channe, a singer who made her own identity by taking part in Nepali music, has been hospitalized for a long time after she fell and fractured her spine while cutting grass in the forest. He has said that even though his song, which has been successful in one song after another, has become the number one trading song on YouTube, he has gone to the treatment of his sister.

Singer Bhagarath Channe, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali music for a long time, even though he is in pain, has brought the song “Jham Jhum Jhumka Nalai” to the market as the great festival of Nepali women, Haritalika Tij, is approaching. While working in the village of Susila Budhathoki, she fell down and was injured, and so far a large amount of money has been spent on her treatment and she has to be admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

Susila said that her daughter-in-law fell from a tree while mowing grass and had to be treated for a long time. Bhagarath’s uncle, who had prepared everything to go abroad, said that now that all the money is gone, he had to come to Media. He said that even though he had booked a ticket to go to Europe, he fought to save his niece when she was fighting a day before going.

When Susila, who was good at studies, suddenly fell, he said that he fought to save her. She said that if Bhanji is good, she will continue to educate her and bring her to a better place. Bhagarath said that even though he spent 5 lakhs when he was treated at kmc, he did not recover there, so he had to bring him to Sahara Hospital. Unexpected events sometimes happen in people’s lives.

Unexpected events sometimes happen in people’s lives, which change people’s lives. He said that even though the Atiram operator spent the money taken out by keeping his wife as a hostage to go to Korisiya, for her niece’s recovery, her health did not improve much. He said that till now 13-14 lakhs have been spent and he thought that it may still cost up to 12-13 lakhs, so he came to Media because he could not afford it.

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