What happened to the staff when Sharmila Tamang went to Mahanagar?

Thela Nagar police arrested Sharmila Tamang, who was making a living by selling goods at the Thelagada in Thapathali, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, on Thursday.  As a result of the continuous steps taken to beautify the metropolis, many people have been disturbed by the removal of the haphazard businesses along the roads.

Sarmila Lumjung Ghar is a woman who is struggling to make a living in Kathmandu.  Sarmila, who has been selling pani puri in Thelagada for two years, told that the team of the metropolis came and picked her up at the place where she kept her shop and she did not leave even when she called.  She said that even though her husband and 25-month-old son are sick at home, she is struggling to manage her daily life.
Sarmila, who had been running a business in a cart bought by others, was living on the banks of Bagmati.  She said that even now, tears come to her eyes when she remembers the crushed cars in the metropolis.  The people who are earning their livelihood by doing common business on the side of the road have to face a very difficult situation now.
Apart from the map pass, they have used other places for personal purposes, and by setting up shops there, they have done the work of demolishing the structures built outside the agreement and map of the metropolis.  In recent times, Balen Sah has started one work after another, some of the work has brought him into controversy, but it has benefited the people as well.  Now he is increasing his intensity in other works including the garbage of Kathmandu.  In order to make the Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, Balen Sah has been continuously working on cleaning the streets even at night.

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