What happens in Nepal due to the clash between China and the United States?

Nepal and China are bordered by the Communist-ruled government. Their relations and ideas are similar. The relations between the citizens of Nepal and China are also found to be good.  There are Nepalese people. Due to the closeness of the two countries, mutual understanding between them is also found to be good. China is one of the economically, socially and commercially prosperous countries.  According to the people who have passed away, the relations between the two countries are found to be good.

According to Dinesh Khanal, a Nepal-China expert who has lived in China for 25 years, relations between the two countries have been very good so far.  He said that if the MCC agreement between Nepal and the United States is passed by the parliament, the relations between the two countries will deteriorate somewhat.  He said that China has been looking at the development works in the interest of Nepal from a positive angle.

He said that the citizens of China and Nepal are also connected on social media due to technology. He said that since their relationship is very positive, by translating each other’s language, they get information about where they are from.  According to Khanal, the Chinese have responded positively to each other, even looking at Nepal’s beauty and atmosphere.  They have said that they have never seen it.

He said that Nepal should build good relations with foreign countries, but Nepal should not build relations with foreign countries by harming its neighbors.  He said that it would be wrong for Nepal to incur heavy losses if it has a strategy to bring China to Nepal.  He said that Nepal’s wealth should be mobilized in a positive way rather than money coming from abroad for the development of Nepal.

He said that there is no money given by foreign countries to make the country prosperous. By mobilizing the skilled manpower in their country, they have been able to take advantage of it. He said that the country will prosper.  He is of the view that the youth in Nepal should respect the elders and take steps for the development of a new generation.  He said that the role should be played. He said that the closed factories should be brought into operation by mobilizing the youth in the country.

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