What is Anju Pant and Mr. Thir Yojana about baby plan?

The song “Timro Rupko Barnan” is being prepared in collaboration with Melody Queen Anju Pant, the most popular singer in the song code, and Thir Koirala, a writer, journalist and social activist. In the song sung by Anju Pant, the song composed by Navin Karki will be made public from Anju Pant’s youtube channel. The couple, who came to Nepal from the US after a long time, said that their stay there was good and now they are doing well in Nepal.

He said that he has found a very good copy of Nepali literature in the United States as well. The couple, who went to the US a year after their marriage, said they came to the US like a honeymooner. Even in the United States, as there are many Nepali studios, they have said that they are happy to be there like Nepalis. He said that at a time when he was suffering from various ailments ranging from covid, there was a golden time in his life

He said that although he had a lot of work to do, he was adding more and more pace after the time he had gone there, adding that the time of his stay in the United States was increasing as he was told to finish all the work. “I am very happy that my songs have been trading No. 1 for a long time, and even now I am getting a lot of energy when I succeed in one project after another,” said Pant. “It takes a long time for Anju to do anything and make a choice,” she said.

I like Anju Pant’s voice in all kinds of songs. He said that their life was going well as the two of them respected each other’s work and the two of them understood each other. Thir said that he did not like the word bondage. Anju and Thir said that they have no plans to have a child now as they are happy to have two children together, they are happy to be together and they are all living together.

Anju Pant and Dhir Koirala, who are enjoying in the world of Nepali song music, have prepared a new song. Anju Pant, who has made a name for herself by struggling in song music for a long time, after gaining success in one song after another, is now at the peak of the discussion, now her songs are loved by people of all generations. There is a different kind of message in his songs, which is working to captivate the audience

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