What is Binita doing in Kathmandu?

Gulmi’s youngest granddaughter Binita Kumal’s father has been fighting for her life in the hospital after breaking both legs in an accident 15 months after he left for Saudi Arabia. Some time ago, she had a sore throat and was eager to study, but due to lack of money, she could not read well.

Now, with the help of various people, she has started studying at Saraswati Basic School in Gulmi. She has been studying since she started school and she enjoys sitting with everyone in the class.

Binita, who has dreamed of becoming a doctor, seems to be aware of her future from an early age. Her mother has left her and her father is in a foreign hospital between death and life. She is attending school with the help of her grandparents. Binita’s father Bhojraj Kumal, who died in Saudi Arabia, is now coming to Nepal.

She told us that she has recovered and will return to Nepal soon. After hearing the news of Baba’s arrival, Binita hopes that she will be able to eat sweets and Baba will bring her TV. She is good at filming and while playing the video, she made her mother Saraswati Phuyal her mother and made everyone happy.

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