What is cryptocurrency? Why is it talked about all over the world?

There is a growing interest in cryptocurrency mining. After all, what is vitcoin mining? Vitcoin can only be extracted after solving a complex problem using a powerful computer. Which is brought in your grip and kept in a wallet. This process is called mining. Currently, millions of people around the world are involved in vitcoin mining. Why is Vitcoin so popular around the world? In today’s series we will discuss about cryptocurrency.

As soon as human civilization began, people exchanged goods. At that time people used to exchange goods. This type of exchange became very complicated and the use of currency was a great achievement at that time. As it easily solved the complexities of barter, the government began to recognize it. In the beginning, the government itself started making coins of precious metals like gold and silver. There was a similar problem with metal coins. To make it even simpler, people started using paper notes. It also became very simple. With the development of time, people have started using credit cards, debit cards and master cards instead of using notes. Now more people pay through mobile phones.

These are the means of digital payment of government secured currency. But now the use of such a currency is increasing in the world. Neither the government nor any institution or individual has the right to do so. Cryptocurrency is the virtual medium of such digital exchange. These cryptocurrencies are neither metals nor cash notes. But it does help you sell your digital assets. There are currently about 4,000 types of cryptocurrencies in use around the world. All of these have their own significance. Many of these currencies are Bitcoin, Blockchain, Dodge Chain, Etherium and Nefty.

Many may not know how these work. Bitcoin is a virtual currency when it comes to cryptocurrency. It can also be called digital currency. Bitcoin can neither be touched like money, nor valued like a dollar. But it is also used like money.

Bitcoin can only be stored in an online wallet. Vitcoin, which was used for global payments in 2008, is now very popular. No bank or government body is needed to control Bitcoin. Anyone can use it. Bitcoin can be used B2B i.e. online. The price of Bitcoin varies from country to country. Bitcoin can be purchased and used by visiting a website. But it is not completely safe.Its value fluctuates. As it is not affiliated with any organization, there is no room to file a complaint in case of fraud or loss. But because it can be paid all over the world, it is becoming popular among all.

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