What is necessary for a happy sex life, Dr. Diwakar Thakur.

Sex is also an important thing in life, which gives life to people, people need sex like cotton. In the recent times, if people do not pay attention to physical things such as diet, exercise, etc., their sexual power is decreasing in their ability, due to which even a well-run household is ruined. According to Dr. Diwakara Thakur, when people use drugs that increase sexual power immediately, even if it works at first, it will cause great harm in the future, but if they use Ayurvedic medicine, it will not affect their health.

In recent times, people are suffering from problems such as sexual rarity, infertility, urinary problems, back pain, testicle pain. This program has been conducted because no matter how developed the society is, people cannot keep their problems open before the doctor. Today’s program talks about Purus Granthi in Purus. Dr. Diwakar Thakur, a specialist in urinary problems, kidney stones, infertility in men, and sexual rarity, has talked about it.

People don’t know that they run to many places and check the patient without getting cured, that’s why no one has problems with sexual intercourse, burning urine, stoppage, decrease in urination, rectal pain, scrotal pain, burning during sexual intercourse, back pain, premature ejaculation, etc. If there is a problem, people have requested to get their semen checked immediately. When people have problems, they take medicine after getting ultrasound, urine check, so that the problem does not decrease. If people do not get proper treatment in time, they have to face many kinds of problems in the future, so it is necessary for people to get good treatment in time.

Dr. Thakur says that many problems have started increasing among people recently. It is said that because the prostate gland, the reproductive gland, makes liquid semen, it also affects the sexual power of a person. After starting to affect the sperm of a man, he cannot be active in sexual activities, which causes rapid decline in people, sexual rarity and also causes great problems in women. Doctors say that because the people of the past got married early, they used to spend their sperm early, so even though this problem is less common among them, today’s people get married very late.

In order to prevent prostate problems, if a person urinates within 1-2 seconds of urinating, he says that about 50% of such cases can be cured. He says that this problem has also appeared in people due to people wearing tight clothes and stopping urination. People report that they are still having trouble talking to their doctor about their sex.

People are not able to keep the things that are hurting them openly, which causes problems in their future. Doctor Thakur says that he checks the problems of people.In order to avoid this, people should urinate within 1-2 seconds, do not store semen for a long time and throw it 2-3 times a week, drink 4-5 liters of water in 24 hours, exercise, and apply oil around the urinary tract. He says that a lot can be avoided. As such problems are more common in people over 40 years old, it is advised by the doctor to have a check-up once a year.

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