What is the assistance of which country in Nepal in Corona epidemic?

With the increase in corona infection in Nepal, assistance is coming from different countries of
the world. The flow of foreign aid has started as soon as Nepali workers working in different
Gulf countries have sent 600 oxygen cylinders. As soon as this campaign started, various
countries started sending aid to Nepal.

The medical supplies provided by the United States to Nepal in the first phase to fight from
Corona arrived in Nepal only on Thursday. This material includes surgical mask, face shield.
Similarly, there are 100 ventilators and one thousand oxygen cylinders. The US Embassy in
Kathmandu will deliver the other items to Nepal by charter flight on Sunday and Monday. On
April 3, the United States announced लाख 8.5 million in US assistance to Nepal. On April 12,
the US Indian Ocean announced that it would provide US २७ 2.75 million to Nepal.

Switzerland has also provided healthcare assistance worth Rs 940 million to Nepal. The medical
supplies were handed over to Health Minister Hridesh Tripathi by Swiss Ambassador Elizabeth
Cathlar at Tribhuvan International Airport. The health supplies include 14 ventilators, oxygen
concentrators, 1.5 million rapid antigen tests, 110,000 masks, 50,000 gloves and 15,000 PPEs.
According to Tibet, China’s respiratory region, the hot water came from Lhasa, a subsidized
liquid oxygen. The Consulate General in Lhasa has informed that hot water has been sent from
50 cylinders of liquid oxygen by land. The liquid will fill 6,000 cylinders with a capacity of

A few weeks ago, in a virtual conference with the foreign ministers of South Asian countries,
China had committed to provide 5 million RMB worth of healthcare to Nepal. China’s Red Cross
has also sent aid materials to Nepal.

Various Thai organizations have sent 24 oxygen concentrators and other health supplies. 5,000
vials of remedicator, PPE and various health items were sent as grants from Bangladesh.
Last Thursday, Spain shipped 50 cylinders, 20 oxygen concentrates, 77 ventilators and other
medical supplies. Finland has provided 2.2 million surgical face masks, 3500 ANP to masks,
52,500 gloves and 30 isolation gowns to Nepal. France has provided 14 watt refrigerators,
oxygen plant parts, 20,000 antigen test kits and 500 KN masks. Germany has 62 ventilators and
27,000 AFPT masks. Surgical muskets, more than 200 backpacks and tents for isolation centers
have been provided. The UK has assisted in setting up an oxygen plant at the Nepal Police
Hospital. Similarly, Cambodia and Belgium have also sent aid to Nepal.

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