What Is the Citizenship of a Baby Born on Plane

You know what Why are pregnant women banned from flying? Suppose you are in the last
stages of your pregnancy. But if you have to travel by air at this time, will the airlines allow you
to travel? Certainly not. This is because most airlines only allow pregnant women to travel
before 36 weeks.

If you have to travel during pregnancy, you need to get a letter from the doctor about the week of
pregnancy and submit it to the airlines. The airlines ask for a doctor’s letter as they know when
the baby will be born. But sometimes we hear the news that the baby was born during the flight.
After all, why aren’t pregnant women allowed to travel by air? Today we will discuss about this.
Plane seats are usually cramped. If a pregnant woman travels in such a situation, she may have
problems. In this sense, the airlines have also banned travel due to the inconvenience caused to
pregnant women. If you have to travel, it is best for a pregnant woman to book a seat in the front
of the plane. Because there is some space in the front seat.
If the plane is flying at 40,000 feet above sea level, the outside temperature can be as low as
minus 35 degrees Celsius. As it gets cold even inside the plane, if the baby is in the process of
being born, there may be a problem of cold. Since there is no doctor or nurse on the plane, it can
be dangerous for a pregnant woman to travel by plane. Who will take care of the mother and
child in this situation? That is why most airlines do not allow pregnant women to travel by air.
Similarly, if a pregnant woman has a labor pain during the journey, the crew members of the
plane are afraid of other passengers as well. If it is difficult, you may have to land the plane
accidentally. In this case, on the one hand, you have to pay tax at the place where the plane
lands. Also, the crew member has to take the pregnant woman to the hospital. Which is a matter
of loss for the airlines. On the other hand, if you are a transit passenger in a country, you are
more likely to miss the plane.
In spite of this, the incident of giving birth on a plane has been heard many times. But the
question arises as to which country a child born on this plane is a citizen of. Generally, is it a
citizen of the country from which you flew or is it a citizen of the country from which you
landed? There is still a dilemma in this regard. Many are aware of the fact that most pregnant
women travel to the United States during labor. Because the child is called a citizen of the
country in which the child was born. But getting citizenship of any country is not so easy.

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