What is the cognitive bias that only sees itself correctly?

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. The
habit of seeing only the fault of others but the solution is one’s own is called cognitive bias.
There are many things in the cognitive bias, systems.

A cognitive bias can be anything but what you hear at first. Nothing that I heard later seems to be
true. This is called yanking bias. For example, a child born in a Muslim community learns to eat
beef. But I hear that pigs should not be eaten or touched. It has been following those things all its
life. This is called cognitive bias. Similarly, cow is the god for Hindus. He has been worshiping
cows since childhood. He can never see the cow as a dish. Therefore, cow is a dish for Muslims
and God is a dish for Hindus. There are many types of bias.

As soon as we see black people, we call them Madhesi Dhoti. Because we have been in the habit
of calling people from Kalo and Madhes as Dhoti since childhood.
The problem has to be verified whether it came from others or from me. The problem is called
cognitive bias. The habit of not seeing what you have but seeing only others can lead to conflict.
The cognitive bias is an umbrella. Out of the many bias inside it, we have already talked about
the yanking bias. In the name of religion, culture and tradition, many things have filled our
minds with yanking bias. With all these bias in mind, we are meditating on yoga for salvation.
Our meditation means to attain samadhi, to be saved. We can never be saved by grasping the
instinct of the mind.

Many things that are done in the name of meditation only bring happiness to the mind. Enjoying
meditation is mindfulness. There is happiness as long as you meditate. This means that
meditation has been done keeping in mind. In Jainism, it is said that one should not eat potatoes.
Some say garlic, onion, meat, fish should not be eaten. This means we are living in a bias.
What the human body needs is food. No religion or tradition can say that. Thus the family in
which the child is born is known by the last name of the same family. Throughout his life, he has
identified himself with the same caste and ethnicity. This caste and that caste is taught from the
child. But is that surname really the real identity of man? He who sees with his eyes sees the
same. We carry with us what others say at the beginning of our lives. This is the yanking bias.

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