What is the master plan of the viral audio scandal in Pokhara? In the commotion within the UML, who is the traitor?

As soon as the local elections were held on April 12, the counting of votes began.  Leaders and activists are taking various initiatives on a daily basis to win the elections.  After the election in Pokhara Metropolitan City, two telephone conversations have been leaked during the counting of votes and four people have been connected to the telephone conversation.  After the UML party fielded Deepak Poudel as the mayor of Pokhara, Krishna Thapa was given the UML ticket after the video of his involvement in the gold scandal went viral.  The video was made viral by UML leaders and activists.

In the audio, Deepak Malla is a Nepali Congress cadre, while Ahesh Aryal is a UML cadre.  Mahesh has said that whatever happens in politics, it is a ploy to deceive him.  Deepak said that he may have taken revenge as he had already reached the jail and Mahesh was involved in it.  In the second recording, Manoj Pahari is on the UML side and Prashant Aryal is on the alliance side. The audio has become even more dangerous for the UML.  In this way, the people within the party have said that they will lose their arti.

Having been involved in journalism for a long time, Tripathi has become an exemplary person of the society.  In the program Gandaki Chadke, which is aired every Friday from Falano news youtube channel, it is found that the real events that are happening in our society have been brought to light.  Even though people work hard to get government jobs, he does not do any government work and he brings out all the work that hurts the people.  He said that the district secretary had decided to go for elections only after addressing some of the demands of the people and changing some of the functions in the government.

He has been exposing the wrongdoings of the employees in the government offices, reporting in the field, bringing out the sufferings of the people.  In government schools, the unethical work done by the staff inside the office and the work done by the people outside, he has done the work of bringing out.  He has done the work of bringing out the reality of the incident which has been reduced in the society by arranging the process.

At a time when fraud, misconduct has become a medium for some people with bad eyesight, he has tried to bring justice to the victim side to some extent.  When it comes to episode 168 of Gandaki Chadke, he has worked to bring out the real events that have taken place in the society.  He has tried to bring out the work that big people have been doing to small people, he has been making the problems of people who have been deceived by the blackmail process the subject of his program.

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