What is the three-day tour schedule of Tedros?

The World Health Organization provides information on the health status of citizens of all countries and which diseases affect which countries, and seeks solutions.  Dr. Tedros Adhanam, Director General of the World Health Organization, has arrived in Nepal on a visit.  He arrived in Kathmandu at the special invitation of Health and Population Minister Bidhor Khatiwada.  New types of diseases are appearing in people from home and abroad, and now human health is different than before.

The Director General of WHO, who arrived in Nepal, was welcomed by the staff including Dr. Rosen Pokharel, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Population.  Along with the Director General, South Asia Regional Director Dr. Poonam Kshetra Pal and other WHO staff have also come to Nepal.  The Director General, who was on a three-day visit, attended a dinner hosted by Health Minister Bidur Khatiwada on the evening of his arrival in Nepal.  It is also said that various issues will be discussed during the meeting.

During his visit to Nepal, Director General Ser Bahadur Deuba, President Bidyadebi Bhandari and Member of the National Assembly Ganesh Prasad Timilsina are scheduled to hold courtesy calls, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The entire WHO team arrived in Nepal after a three-day visit to India.

During his visit to Nepal, the WHO team will be briefed on the various activities undertaken by Nepal during Kovid’s visit, and will also visit the Sukra Lal Sastri Hospital in Teku, said Rosab Pokharel.  In addition, various activities in Nepal will be discussed, while the health condition of Nepal and Nepali citizens will be informed on various issues.

During his visit to Nepal, the Director General will be briefed on the steps taken by Nepal in the wake of the Korna epidemic, and the steps taken by Nepal regarding vaccination, he said.  He has been nominated for re-election in May, having been the country’s foreign minister before becoming director general.  He is supported by European and African nations, but not by his own.  After becoming the Director General of WHO, he went abroad and now he is working to understand the health condition of the citizens of that country.

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