What is there in the 10-page suicide note written by Dinesh, “Killed because he was in love with a man?”

Four members of the same family living in Tarkeshwar Municipality-2, Padamsal, where Gorkhas became their permanent home, were found dead at home on Monday morning. In the social note, Dinesh Pandey said that he sent home all the money he had earned by staying abroad for 12 years, and when he sent all that money home, his wife gave it to his wife. He said that it was stressful. He mentioned that because he loved his children very much, he also killed them to marry him.

In the morning, no one from the family came out and the neighbors informed the police after they found that the house was locked from inside, and the police saw that four people were brutally murdered inside. Eyewitnesses said that the two children were sleeping on the bed and the wife was sleeping on the floor, while the husband was found hanging on the fan in the other room. Sunita’s elder sister told that many times husband and wife went to the police due to quarrels and later returned home with the agreement that they will not make mistakes again. The bodies of 41-year-old Dinesh Pandey, his wife 39-year-old Sunita, 13-year-old daughter Ashika and 8-year-old son Ashiq were found in a terrible condition when the police broke the door and entered.

In the suicide note found at the scene, Dinesh has mentioned that he was forced to commit suicide after killing his wife and children. Dinesh and his wife Sunita, who returned to Nepal only a few years ago after living in Kuwait for 12 years, have not had a good family relationship since a few years and it has been revealed in the preliminary investigation of the police that the conflict that arose from that took the form of a gruesome murder. According to a police officer involved in the investigation, Dinesh mentioned in the suicide note that his relationship with his wife had deteriorated, that he tried to grab property with his in-laws, and that he was detained by the police on charges of domestic violence. have done

According to the police, the family dispute reached the Balaju police three times and Maharajganj circle once. The last time Dinesh tried to sell the house he was living in without letting his wife know, the house was in Sunita’s name and she refused to sell it. While this was happening, Dinesh may have chosen the path of suicide by killing his wife and two children. Kathmandu Police Spokesperson SP Dinesh Mainali said that although the initial investigation showed that Dinesh may have committed suicide by killing his wife and two children, the post-mortem report will reveal the full details.

According to Kathmandu Police Spokesperson Mainali, the bodies of the four deceased have been taken to the Maharajganj University Teaching Hospital for post-mortem. SP Krishna Koirala of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office said that suicides are caused by family disputes/disharmony, lack of finances, distribution of property, passion and revenge and mutual distrust. According to the police head office, more than 31 thousand people have committed suicide in the last 5 years, in which reasons such as lack of finances, property disputes, domestic disputes, relationships with other men/women, despair, revenge, and loss of reputation are seen.

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