What Kalyan said after getting knocked out by voice of Nepal?

Voice of Nepal has become a good place to learn for new talents who are struggling in the field of Nepali music. Coming to season 4, the voice has got the opportunity to show the talents hidden within the talents in different places. Kalyan Gandharva, who is struggling in the field of music, has said that he will advance the field of music after getting out of the knockout round of Voice of Nepal season 4. Kalyan, who has been working in a band, has said that he has not worked for 1.5 months and will continue to promote music.

Kalyan, who was able to distinguish two people in the blind round, said that he has been watching the voice since the beginning. Barsha, who advanced from the battle, said that there is a high chance of winning season 4. Prateek, who got a good response from the coaches and audience in the digital battle round, said that although she did well in the knockout round, she felt a little sad when she was eliminated according to the rules of the Voice. He said that in the coming days, he will start his musical life by improving his weaknesses. Kalyan, who was selected among the best 36 and left the knockout round, has said that she is looking for a bright future in the field of music. He said that his team will win because coaches Prabisa and Pramod taught him a lot.

He said that even though he did not win in everything in life, he learned a lot. Prateek said that even though she left the voice, she got the opportunity to learn a lot from there and was very happy to be recognized among the audience.

She said that even after leaving the battle round, she was very happy to enter any other field when she was about to give an interview. Season 4 of the musical reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’ has started airing on Himalaya Television from 24th August on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 pm. Now the blind auditions are going on and the coaches are doing a lot of hard work and cheating to attract the contestants in the first episode to build their team.

Pramod Kharel and Raju Lama, who were coaches in the previous two seasons, will remain the same this year as well. Coach Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama, Rajesh Payal Rai, and Prabisha Adhikari who succeeded in lifting the title of two and three in The voice of Nepal season 4 will remain as coaches. In the program, it has been informed that the work of the show has reached its final stage. Out of about 41,000 applicants who participated in the digital audition, more than 120 talents are preparing for the blind audition. It is said that ‘The Voice of Nepal’ season 4 will be broadcast from Himalaya Television within the next month.


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