What kind of a minister is Prem, good luck to Rabbi Lamichhane

According to Dr. Surendra KC, saying that a person succeeds in one task does not mean that he succeeds in all. He said that in Nepal, people who speak abusive words like Prem Ale are ministers and people do not succeed in politics by saying that they have got the love of the people. He said that there is a difference between being in the heart, being in the responsibility, saying work and doing it. The BBC spokesperson Rabindra Mishra, who is much loved by the people, also said that since he has entered politics, being a failed person, it is not fixed that Rabbi Lamichhane will succeed when he enters politics. Casey said that when a person does something in Nepal, everyone gets behind it and drowns.

Dr. Surendra KC, who has been saying that the society should be reformed and changed as perversions are spreading in the society, has gone into a special debate showing interest in the country and the people. He said that there are big cases in Nepal in which the person who is the Prime Minister of the country is involved. Casey said that in order for people to move forward with their vision, every conscious citizen of the society should support them. Dr. Surendra Casey is outraged that the people who are becoming the charioteers of the miserable, poor and helpless people of the country are now in jail.

People who are now campaigning for Balen Sah, who is now independent, are constantly taking steps to create a conducive environment for him to work. He said that for the change of the society, all the people should constantly struggle from their side. KC said that Madhab and Prachanda were active in the race to ensure their victory and that KP Oli was in the race to win the election but Ser Bahadur was also an established character who would move forward by forming an alliance. He said that the leader of Nepal was a professional worker, development as the people said, the people of the country went into misery, the leaders and activists were in a state of merriment, the people were hurt and the exit was not done by the leader.

“Conscience has not been able to do anything in Nepal, and bad politics could lead to a situation similar to that in Ukraine,” he said. Dr. KC has said that being a Nepali means being tortured in Nepal. He said that when an election representative in Nepal tries to win the election by his own show and later on, he creates a fear among the common people. He said that even if some leaders have to run the parliament, the people are suffering due to the stubbornness of some leaders and the habit of not allowing them to work on salary allowance. “People work for their own interests, and the country and the people suffer,” said Dr. Casey.

After the ghost entered the people, not knowing what I was doing, because the ghost of Prachanda and Madhab Kumar could enter the UML, they said that they are not engaged in any other work now, but because KP Oli is in the habit of slapping his brothers, he is always slapping them. He said that he was cutting his own legs. “Because the people’s representatives don’t do the wrong thing themselves, because of the ghosts they have, these people are going the wrong way because of the ghost game,” Casey said. Surendra KC says that tickets are mandatory for a leader at a time when human life is in turmoil, living, dying, eating, living and without an address. According to Surendra KC, some leaders and activists are losing their future due to lack of patience in politics.

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