What the flop with Jyotsana Yogi

Jyotsana Yogi has completed her education and moved forward in the field of Nepali art through acting. She has gained experience by acting in movies and music videos till now. Lately, there are many artists in the field of Nepali acting.  Even the artists who have been contributing in the field of Nepali art have started their journey from 0 points and built a new structure even in their lack of pain.  Many disciples are at the forefront of trying to make history. Jyotsana Yogi, a well-educated woman, has made great strides in the field of Nepali art in a short period of time.

The love he got when he got his MBA in the field of art was not less. He has the same talent in studies and also in the field of acting. There are many fan floors of Abbal Yogi.  Yogi says that the love of the viewer has added more power awareness to the work. While getting this love from the viewer, other motivations to work come to the fore.

She says that it is easier for an educated person to learn different things while studying. It is not easy to ignore people by comparing them with others in life. People’s lives are incomparable.  No one knows when a person’s life will come to a standstill or be successful. He says that in order to have a successful life, one has to have the same love for all fields.  She says that she has a good scope in the field of Nepali acting. She says that in Nepal, there will be a situation where one has to study on one side and work on the other side.  He claims that even without employment, he will be forced to choose a different path from his studies.

Talking to comedian Sandeep Chhetri, he presented his thoughts and feelings to the audience.  Sandeep is known in the field of Nepali art. His fans are not only in Nepal but also abroad. He says that he loves to go abroad for work.  He says that he started working in the field of art after finishing his studies. He was involved in acting from the time he was in school. For the first time, acting used to play many things in his mind.  He says that he seems to have done that.

Saying that she got her first love from her family, the heroine Yogi shows that her family is also responsible. She says that love started from her family.  Life goes on at its own pace, but he admits that he is learning something new.  She says that she has to be motivated in her mind. She says that she is constantly in the hobby of her hobby even though she is forced to continue her studies from home.

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