What will happen to Rabindra Mishra after this interview?

Rabindra Mishra, who stepped into Nepali politics after making his name by working for the world-famous news organization BBC for two decades, is now contesting the elections for the second time, saying that society must change and for that, Humin is necessary for politics. Rabindra Mishra, who moved ahead with the main slogan that country should be above ideas, formed the common party. Later, after coming to terms with other parties, Bibek Seal was unable to advance the common party and became the senior vice-president of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party in the election of the House of Representatives from Kathmandu Region No. 1.

For the first time, Rabindra, who lost to Prakash Man Singh of Nepali Congress by an equal margin of votes, has given his candidature again this time. The people have said that now the people will vote in the halo because the people have recognized the leaders who will not become a country from independence and who have been fighting for themselves and their people many times. He said that now people all over the country have developed the feeling that only the plow can develop the country. Ravindra Mishra, who has resigned as the president of Viveksheel Common Party, has put forward a proposal to go to the Election Commission to register the party under his leadership.

On the occasion of the new year, by coming in a new way, the three programs conducted by Prakash Subedhi, Rajatpat, Glamour Talk, and Bagina will be closed until the 22nd. To make the relationship between people balanced, a situation has arisen where flattery has to be done, people are also found to have big differences in the music field. Humanity is also disappearing, one has a different way of looking at the other because their opinions are different, and one is causing problems for the other, even though people’s thoughts and actions are different, one is insulting the other.

Ap 1 television broadcasts every Saturday after 8 pm, you can watch it on Rajatpat online tv at any time you like. Prakash Subeshi for supporting the good things done in the Sangam and artistry field of Baja Geet Nach and reminding him about the bad things. Prakash Subedhi, a well-known journalist who has been doing journalism in the field of movies and music videos for a long time, conducts it. Sushi, who has received a lot of love from the audience in a short time, is in the limelight one episode after another. In the field of cinema, they talk about the works done in the past from the present time.

The Bagina program has achieved great success in three episodes and has touched the cultural sector. Biagini has set a new dimension by covering all the layers within the music. Humans have advanced their field by struggling a lot in life, people are in the wrong hands about what to get respect and insult from one another, which changes people in life, media is also needed for any work for people. Now people are trying to make their journeys successful in their way, which will bring many benefits to mankind.

The Bagina program is produced by Phurba Sherpan and asst producer by Rachana Gautama. The script is prepared by Kushum Bhattarai. It can be seen on raja that online tv youtube and ap1tv. They have worked. Some Kalakars stand in favor of Prakash Saputo, while others dislike him. He said that Bagina means the union of song and dance, which will talk about these areas.

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