When Anita Khadka could not walk to speak, she went to the hospital crying

Anita Khadka, who has been undergoing treatment for a long time, has returned to her old condition after 3 years. Everyone knows that she has been in a critical condition in a hospital bed for a long time. Many people are saddened to see her condition.

After the operation was not successful, another grief has entered the family, they can’t even stand up anymore, they looked like Anita was in the same condition as before.

Her family is so tense that her husband Anita Khadka is unable to speak anymore. Her husband has returned to work. Binod has returned to work due to a lack of money for treatment.

Her sister Radha is still in the hospital, she said. Binod always prays to God for Anita. Her family lives in Anita’s life. This is probably the reason why many happy people in the world want to spend their days with Anita. Binod and his sister Radha.

You too can help Anita Khadka to save her by helping everyone, for which Didi Radha Khadka: +977 985-1071362, Kamal Sargam + 977-985-1224970 ″ Viber, WhatsApp and Emo can be contacted on any of the above numbers. ”Anita’s husband And watch the video below of the conversation with Didi

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