When Balen Sah was sure to win, Ramesh Kharel fought, saying that sinners have been found, said Deepa Shree to Hat.

After Balen Sah took the lead as the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ramesh Kharel is now fighting to find the culprits.  Kharel said that those who made politics a profession, because they are sinners, should be expelled and everyone should work for building a civilized society.  Buddhi Tamang Hat and Deepa Shree Niraula said that for the change of society, an independent person with a vision was needed, which Balen Sah has come to fulfill.  He said that the society will definitely change now that Life in Yale A has come along with Balen Sah.  Kharel said that the film depicts the Nepali society and requested everyone to watch the film.

As the leaders of the political parties are brokers, the cadres have become the masters of crime.  After the resignation of Dig Ramesh Kharer, who is known to be a scarer of wrongdoers in the Nepal Police, the question arose in the minds of the common people as to what to do now.  After leaving the job of Nepal Police, Kharel has launched a campaign to end corruption, immorality in politics and has registered with the Nepal Susasan Party and the Election Commission.

Many questions have been asked about the people who have come to Nepal Police with a clean image and how they make their image when they are involved in politics.  Kharel says that he entered politics to rectify the shortcomings he saw while serving in the Nepal Police.  Kharel has said that he will contest the election without spending money.  He said that the rule of law is to fight the election by spending a limited amount of money.

He said that the rules and regulations set by the Election Commission are in line with the expenses fixed by the Election Commission.  Kharel, who said that he did the most wrong thing, said that he always chose the wrong leader and sent him.  “Those who have won the election by flooding the country with money, now the people have to show them their level,” he said.

If the country gets a good prime minister, many things can be improved, he said, adding that people will now choose a good man.  Leaders and activists who have been tearing sandals in Kathmandu are now flying in the sky, but the condition of the poor people has not improved, she said.  He said that he should be cursed by the leaders of the country.  He said that those who have formed federalism and state committees to give jobs to ministers and activists have not paid attention to the development of the country.

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