When Dilmaya Sunar son came to Kathmandu, everyone cried.

After the death of singer Dilmaya Sunar, Nirmala, a sister living abroad, said that she came to Nepal after worrying about the condition of her mother, father and son. Now, to seek justice for Dilmaya and where to teach Dilmaya’s son, famous singers Tika Pun, Nirmala and Dilmaya’s son have come to the media. The son has said that he will not study at the place where his mother was killed and will study in a hostel in Nepalgunj.

He said that not all the reports have been received so far and the police is actively investigating. Dilmaya’s son has said that he will go to the same area as his mother wants him to join the army. After reaching Nepal from Kubet, Nirmala said that her sister did not commit suicide and that it was a murder. Singer Dilmaya Sunar of Nepali Live Double Area has just completed her postmortem work. Her postmortem report has turned out differently than expected, leaving her family and colleagues sad. After Dilmaya’s death, it is said that she may have been killed after seeing her lost mobile phone and the false statement given by her husband.

Surya Shrestha, also known as Saga of Sindhupalchowk, had an illicit relationship with Dilmaya for the past 15 months. Although Shrestha has a wife and four children in his village, Dilmaya is said to have married a child and had a son and later divorced. Tika, who had been living in a dera in Nepaltar, Kathmandu, became the charioteer of Dilmaya Sunar and re-settled. Dilmaya’s father said that although he did not know much about it, it looked as if his daughter had been killed.

Now all of them will be taken from the hospital to Indreni, where heartfelt homage will be paid. When police took a statement from Dilmaya’s husband, he said that he had not committed the murder. No matter how much society has changed, domestic violence, discrimination, conservative thinking, and immorality have made it difficult for many people to leave their well-functioning home and leave the world forever. Dilmaya Sunar, a popular folk singer who is enjoying in the world of song music, has been found in a state of murder or suicide in her room by writing a sad status through her social network Facebook.

Dilmaya had requested on her Facebook page not to do postmortem of her body, while her mother wrote on Facebook to apologize for giving birth to her child, remembering that she had died on her own. According to the police, she has left the world by posting her status on Facebook at 2 o’clock at night. According to the police, she has a child from her first husband and has suffered a lot from her new boyfriend. Neighbors have also said that the boy came at night.

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